Endless Chaos Guide: How to Play

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Endless Chaos

Below are some of the Help Topics that would most likely answer your questions on how to play Endless Chaos and some other features found in the game.

Endless Chaos Guide: How to Play

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How to Equip Weapons and Armor
Once you have purchased equipment such as weapons and armor, head over to the Inventory section by clicking the link at your information bar.

How to Equip Weapons and Armor

Once on the page, just click on either [Weapon] or [Armor] tabs. Once there, just click on the desired armor/item to equip. There will be a confirmation message that the item has been equipped.

How to Equip Weapons and Armor

How to Battle Players (PvP)
Go to any Wilderness map, then select the Player VS Player tab; after which select your opponent by clicking the [Fight] button beside the player's info.

How to Battle Players (PvP)

After which you will be taken to the PvP battle screen.

PvP Battle Basics
Once the PvP battle has started, you'll be able to see the battle screen:

PvP Battle Basics

The battle is played out in turns. For each turn you can select from the command bar the actions that you can take.

PvP Battle Basics

  • ATTACK: Attacks opponent with equipped weapon.
  • USE SKILL: Uses a skill that you have currently learned. (You have to equip the proper weapon for this to work!)
  • USE ITEM: Lets you select from your inventory potions that you wish to use in battle.
  • FLEE: Flee from battle. Take note that you will lose Gold and KS once you run away from battle.

Each action consumes 1 turn. The battle ends under one of these conditions:

  • A character's HP goes to 0
  • A character flees from battle (with penalty)

Depending on the outcome of the battle, you will gain rewards form the battle.

  • Win scenario: If your character wins the battle, you'll gain gold and KS that is proportional to the level differences between your character and the opponent's character.
  • Lose scenario: If your character loses the battle, you'll lose gold and KS that is proportional to the level differences between your character and the opponent's character.


  • If you lose ten (10) times consecutively, your character will be moved back to the town.
  • If you wish to save your gold from being taken at Player Vs Player (PvP), you can deposit them at the Gold Keeper.
  • You cannot be attacked by players (PvPed) if your character is in town.

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