Eredan iTCG Guide: Tactical Guide

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Eredan iTCG

Eredan iTCG is a browser based online trading card game. Players collect and exchange the cards by playing in game and purchasing at the store. Here is the tactical guide which includes the strong and weak points of the in-game characters. Don's miss the game advices too, you will find it's useful for you while playing games.

Eredan iTCG Guide: Tactical Guide

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I) The Zil Warriors

I.1) Introduction

The Zil Warriors have a large number of marauders at their disposal. It is highly advised to focus on them to profit from the possibilities offered by this guild.

Strong points:

- Good attack
- Good defense
- Marauders

Weak points:

- Quite average in SPIRIT
- Less Health points than the Kotoba and the Noz' Dingard Envoys.

I.2) How to construct a Warrior Zil Deck

Choice of characters: It's inevitable, you will need at least one Marauder for this deck to be interesting. The Zil warriors have in their ranks some very good Marauders like Telendar, Selene or Ergue, they are the three pillars of this Deck. Make sure you pick your cards correctly, a total of 2 SPIRIT is a good base for this guild. There are a few characters that are meant to be played together like Marlok and his Golem, Silene and Selene, Ergue with his partners in crime Soriek and BigRage and finally Bloodsword and Noface.

Deck constitution: We advise you to use your Marauder characters with cards that will give them a guaranteed advantage thanks to their random +1. Focus on cards like "Do you feel lucky punk?" and "Test of strength", this will bring you a good Attack bonus.

Cards unique to Zil Warriors enables you to paralyse your opponent. The card "Hungry Void" is very important for your game, it will enable you to retrieve other cards.

I.3) Game advice

Be cunning! The Zil warriors are the game's "bad guys" and have at their disposal, a lot of effects that will annoy your opponents. Play "Assassination", "Do you feel lucky punk?" and then go seek their attention with "Hungry Void". You can also base your game on discarding cards off your opponent and then win by limiting his deck to a few cards, to do this, use cards like "Diversion" (goes well with "assassination") or "Treacherous", this is quite effective against Mage characters and Priests.

II) The Kotoba

II.1) Introduction

The Kotoba have a few characters at their disposal

Strong points:

- Better Attack than Zil warriors and the Noz' Dingard Envoys
- Better Defense than the Zil warriors and Noz'dingard Envoys.
- Better Health points than the Zil warriors and Noz'Dingard Envoys.
- Warriors


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