ESPNU College Town Guide: Getting Started

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ESPNU College Town

As a beginner of ESPNU College Town, you need to know how to build your university, how to recruit the best athletes to challenge your rivals and how your university works. Check this beginner's guide, you can find answers here.

ESPNU College Town Guide: Getting Started

By Brian Drake on official forum

Building Venues

You'll need some serious coin if you want to create the best University around, and the only way to do that is by constructing Venues. To build a Venue, open the build menu and select the Venues icon. Select the Venue you want to build, then move your mouse over open space in your campus and click to place. Now you can start bringing in some funds by...

Hosting Events

Once a Venue is built, close the build menu, click on the Venue and select "Start Event". Select an Event, making sure to take note of the time needed to complete. After the time is up and the event is over, simply click on the Venue to collect the income. Click the Venue again to clean up, and then you can start the process again. Having many Venues will help you earn more coins, but to build more you will need to increase enrollment, so...

Build Residences

Constructing Residential buildings will allow you to grow your University's enrollment and add athletes to your campus. Once a Residential building has produced additional students and/or athletes, click to add them to your campus. If the game won't let you or if it tells you "Not enough spirit to move in"...

Construct Entertainment Buildings

You will need to construct more Entertainment buildings to keep your students happy. Each building will increase your campus' total spirit level by a different amount. Entertainment buildings will also get dirty every so often, allowing you to make money by cleaning them. Remember, if you don't construct Entertainment buildings, you won't be able to add to your enrollment. You'll want to increase enrollment so that you can...

Expand Your University

You will be able to expand your University up to a 27x27 grid through the build menu. Once you have the max grid size you can purchase additional University districts by clicking on the Map icon. Each district will have different requirements to unlock, so be sure to check the Map for what you need. (New Districts won't be available until level 20, so don't worry if you don't see them right away.) But it's important to expand your Universitey so that you can...

Compete Against Your Friends

There are two types of Competitions, Gameday & Rivals. In Gameday, you select an oppenent, pick your starters and automatically challenge their top athletes in the division and sport of your choice. The winner will be determined by each player's total number of athletes (gained from Residences), total spirit and their starters' stats (to obtain all star starters, open the build menu, click the Competitions tab and then Recruitment). In Rivals, you select an oppenent, pick your starters (the number will depend on the division and sport) and send a challenge invitation to the other player. If the challenged player does not accept within 24 hours, they will forfeit the challenge. If a player accepts a challenge, they will be able to select the starters they want to face the other player's starters and then the winner will be determined by each player's total number of student athletes, total spirit and their starters' stats.

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