ESPNU College Town Guide: Guide to Earning Coin

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ESPNU College Town

Whether you just started playing the game or you're already into double digit levels, this guide can help you learn the most efficient ways to earn coins in ESPNU College Town. Just follow these easy steps and you shouldn't find yourself short on coins any longer.

ESPNU College Town Guide: Guide to Earning Coin

By UTAlan on official forum

  1. Do NOT build entertainment buildings.
    The income you earn from any entertainment building is ridiculously low for the amount of money it costs to purchase it (for example, the Sub Shop costs 2,000 coins to build, but only earns 10 coins every 4 minutes - you will have to collect on this building 200 times before you break even). Currently, this is the case for every entertainment building. Keep the ones the game starts you with, since it is simply free income, but do not invest any money into new buildings unless you are willing to lose money on them.
  2. Build a new Venue at every opportunity.
    These are going to be your primary source of income. If you have enough students to build a new venue, do not spend money on anything else until you buy a new one. Which one you purchase is completely up to you - although I believe the Gym will bring you slightly more money in over the long run.
  3. Hold events as often as possible!
    The strategy you employ here highly depends on your game play style. If you are sitting there waiting for each event to end, you'll want to go for the shorter events to make more money. JV Football earns 500 coins every 3 minutes, which is by far the most coins per hour you can earn - if you collect often. Same for the Dog Show, which you can renew every 15 minutes. If you want to start an event, leave the game for a bit, and come back to collect, then choose the event based on when you'll be coming back. If you wait too long to collect, your income will expire and you'll lose whatever coins you used to start the event. Whatever the duration of the event is, you have that long from the end of the event to collect your income. If the event lasts 15 minutes, you'll have 15 minutes from the end of the event to collect (or 30 minutes from the start of the event). If it lasts 3 hours, you have 3 hours from the end to collect (or 6 hours from the start).
  4. Do NOT upgrade your venues.
    That is, unless you want access to longer lasting events so you can start them, leave the game, and come back later to collect. If you are content with running JV Football Games and Dog Shows, putting 100,000 coins into upgrading your venue is spending money unnecessarily.
  5. Upgrade your Academic Buildings.
    This will earn you extra coin, but not very much. This is where I spend most of my coin, primarily in order to keep my School Spirit ahead of my Enrollment.

These tips should be a good starting point for earning coins in ESPNU College Town. Please understand that the game is still VERY new, so the income earned on events and entertainment buildings may change at any point, thus voiding all of my tips! For the time being, though, hopefully some of you will find this useful!



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