Eternal Destiny Guide: Battle

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After a battle is initiated, the enemy will be located on the opposite side of your party. Each side will take turns attacking each other until only one side remains.

Eternal Destiny

 A menu will appear to the right hand side of the screen indicating the actions that are available to you. Make your selection quickly as a countdown timer gives you a limited amount of time to make your decision for that round of battle.

Eternal Destiny

  • Attack - This action will attack the available target that is chosen.
  • Defend - This action will set your character to defend for the round.
  • Skill - This action will open the skill menu and allow you to choose a skill to use.
  • Item - This action will open the item menu and allow you to choose an item to use.
  • Call - This action will open the pet menu can summon your pet for battle.
  • Capture - This action will capture the monster that is selected.
  • Protect - This action will set your character to defend another target for the round.
  • Escape - This action will set your party to escape from the battle.
  • Auto - This action will set your character to automatically battle until cancelled.

After you have selected your action for the turn, if you have a pet out, you can select the pet's action for that turn as well. Choose your decisions wisely as each decision can ultimately determine victory or defeat!

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