Eternal Destiny Guide: Materials

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Throughout your journeys you will come across various items and materials that will allow you to modify, upgrade, and create equipment for your character.

Eternal Destiny

The materials used in the creation of equipment have six different levels of rarity when being obtained. These, from least to most rare, are:

  1. Rough (White)
  2. Common (Blue)
  3. Refined (Green)
  4. Flawless (Yellow)
  5. Rare (Orange)
  6. Perfect (Purple)


Eternal Destiny

Throughout the world, there are various areas that a character can travel to and begin collecting raw materials for refining and crafting. These collection sites can normally be found on the map with glowing icons indicating the collection area.

Eternal Destiny

Once you arrive in a collection area, simply click on the collection icon on the main menu bar and a white bar above your character will appear indicating the collection process has started. Please keep in mind that you must have the appropriate tool to collect the specified raw material or you will not be able to collect the raw material.

The specific tools for the raw material you are trying to obtain can be purchased from the Grocery Store found in the main cities in each realm.


Eternal Destiny

Once you have collected enough raw materials, you can use items to allow you to refine the raw materials into higher quality materials.

Eternal Destiny

Simply place the raw materials in the specified area, set the risk for the refining, and click on the "compound" button to complete the process.

Eternal Destiny

Once compounded a notice will appear indicating that refining has been completed and the items have been added to your backpack.


Eternal Destiny

A blacksmith can be found in all the major cities throughout the world. In order to craft an item, talk to the local blacksmith and choose the option to "Forge Equipment".

Eternal Destiny

Select the class, rarity, and level of the item you wish to craft.

Eternal Destiny

Select the item from the list provided and once you have enough of the appropriate materials, click on the "Make" button to create the selected item. The materials will be consumed and the cost of the item creation will also be deducted before the item will appear in your backpack.

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