Facebook Game Tips: How to Make News Feeds More Visible to Friends

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By Joe Osborne From

There are several reasons why Facebook games are so damn popular. For one, they have little to no barrier to entry. Well, aside from just one little hang-up. You're only as successful in CityVille, The Sims Social or what have you as the amount of friends you have.

But what if you have all the Facebook friends you could ever ask for, and still no one lends you a hand when you ask for more bricks, permits or Energy? Is every last one of your Facebook friends a jerk? It's a possibility, but highly unlikely.

Facebook Games - Make News Feeds More Visible

What is more than likely the case is that your News Feed posts aren't as visible to your friends as they could be. So here are three ways to improve the visibility of your Facebook game News Feed posts:

Come Out From Hiding

Facebook Games - Make News Feeds More Visible

On the Facebook home page, hover over the words "News Feed" on the left sidebar and click on the pencil icon. Once you click that, a list of names and apps will likely appear. To remove the app in question from hiding, press the gray "X" next to it. Once you're done making changes, be sure to click "Save". If the game in question isn't on this list, that's a good thing.

Open the Floodgates

Facebook Games - Make News Feeds More Visible

First, you should check your general app settings allow friends to see posts made from the Facebook games you play. In the upper right corner of the Facebook home page, click the little downward-facing arrow and click "Privacy Settings." Make sure that your default setting is set to either "Friends", or you can make a custom list of people can see your posts made from games.

Next, look for the words "How You Connect," and click on the words "Edit Settings" to the right of them. Once a pop-up appears, make sure that next to words "Who can see Wall posts by others on your profile?" that it is set to "Friends" or whatever custom list you'd like to make. You can also change these settings for individual games.

Check the Plumbing (Or Hit the Restart Button)

Facebook Games - Make News Feeds More Visible

After clicking "Done", you'll be back in control of the main Privacy Settings page. So, click on "Edit Settings" next to the words "Apps and Websites." Then, click the "Edit Settings" button next to the words "Apps you use." Look for the game you're having trouble with, and click on the word "Edit" to the right of it. Where it reads "App activity privacy," make sure that it's set to "Friends".

Also make sure that the app is allowed to either "Post to Facebook as me" or "Publish games and app activity." If not, you can attempt to reinstall the game by removing it and revisiting the game's Facebook fan page to reinstall it.



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