Farm Heroes Saga Guide: Boosters

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Boosters can be used at any level, but the Extra Damage bought with Magic Beans can only be used at levels where you need to defeat Rancid, the raccoon. On other levels the Magic Beans can be used for the shovel Booster. You can also follow these tips below to make the most of these boosters in Farm Heroes Saga.

The Shovel Booster

Farm Heroes Saga Boosters

The Shovel Booster costs 250 Magic Beans if bought BEFORE you enter a Level or 9 gold bars if you buy it while you play. The Shovel have a regeneration time of 6 hours. Use the shovel to dig up a single element, crack an egg, grow a flower or shatter ice.

The Tractor Booster

Farm Heroes Saga Boosters

The Tractor Booster costs 12 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 12 hours. Use the tractor Booster to remove one row of elements. Watch the tractor Booster demo. (Blue Booster) When you have completed Level 38 with at least two stars, you get 3 Tractor boosters stored in the Farm Club.

The Bonus Rewards Booster

Farm Heroes Saga Boosters

The Bonus Rewards Booster costs 16 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 16 hours. It puts a +1 on all elements that are required at the Level you are playing. Unlocked at Level 12. OBSERVE! Once you have clicked at the Bonus Reward Booster you can NOT undo it as you can with other Boosters. (Green Booster) Complete Level 38 with 3 Stars to get a set of 3 +1 Boosters stored in the Farm Club.

The Colour Collect Booster

Farm Heroes Saga Boosters

The Colour Collect Booster costs 19 gold bars and have a regeneration time of 24 hours. The Colour Collect Booster removes ALL elements of the same colour. You choose what element you want to remove by clicking on such an element after you have chosen the “doggie-bone” booster with your cursor. (Purple Booster) When you have cpmpleted the Farm Club Level 83 for 3 Stars you get 3 doggie boosters in the Farm Club.

The Clean-up Booster

Farm Heroes Saga Boosters

The Clean-Up Booster was added to the game 14th May and this pale green Anonymous Grumpyman Booster turns all visible grumpy cropsies into regular cropsies. The Clean-Up Booster DOES NOT REGENRATE, after getting your freebies and used them, you’ll need to use Gold bars in order to get more Clean-Up Boosters.

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