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This Questions and Answers of Farm Heroes Saga can help you solve some areas which you do not know in the game.

Farm Heroes Saga FAQ

Q: What do I have to do to complete a level?
A: The goal is to collect cropsies: the vegetables, fruit, sunshine and water you can see in the game. Each level you must collect different combinations of cropsies, as shown on the left of the screen. You have a limited amount of moves in each level. Collect all the required cropsies before your moves run out. When you've collected all the cropsies, you will enter Hero Mode, which lets you use your remaining moves to earn 3 stars and more Magic Beans.

Q: What do the boosters do?
A: Boosters are special abilities that can make the difference between winning and failing a level! Some boosters recharge over time. When charged, they're free to be used again, or you can buy new packs of boosters if you need them sooner. Magic Shovel: Allows the player to remove or otherwise interact with a single cropsy on the game board. If it's a required cropsy, it's added to the appropriate collection total.

  • Bonus Rewarder: Every required item on the board gets a +1 bonus.
  • Tractor: Destroys all items along a horizontal row. Any required cropsies are collected.
  • Color Collector: All cropsies of a single type are collected.

Q: What do the magic beans do?
A: Magic Beans are used to help in your fight against the evil Rancid the Raccoon, so earn as many as you can! Every level gives you a certain amount of Magic Beans, based on how many stars you achieve.

Q: How do I fight Rancid the Racoon?
A: Match and collect all required cropsies until the energy bar is at 0%. Use Magic Beans for extra force!

Q: What do I have to do in collection levels?
A: In Collection levels, there are three animals that can be collected, all tied to the three star ratings you can achieve. The better you do in the level, the more animals you'll unlock. Every animal you unlock goes to your Farm Club, which you can access from the map. Unlock all the animals in a set, and you can claim free rewards like boosters and Magic Beans!

Q: Why do you have lives in the game?
A: In Farm Heroes Saga you start with 5 lives. When you fail a level, you lose a life. Every 30 minutes you will gain a life back. If you can't wait that long, you can choose to buy a full set of lives, or ask your friends to send some to you.

Q: When are you adding new levels?
A: We are currently creating new levels. Keep an eye on our Fan Page for news and updates!

Q: Is there a mobile version of this game?
A: We are working on it. As soon as we are ready you will be the first to know!

Q: Is it possible to complete the game without buying anything?
A: Yes! It's not only possible, but very common! Most people who complete all the levels in the game have not bought anything at all.

Q: Will you post things to my Facebook wall or spam my friends?
A: We will never send any requests to your friends that you did not actively send yourself in the game. When you play a game or load a Facebook app you automatically join what Facebook Calls "Open Graph". Open Graph is a social graph that generates events/actions when you perform certain tasks in games. These can be visible on your Timeline profile, and in some cases, show up in the Newsfeed. You have the option to hide those posts.

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