The 6 Step Farm Heroes Saga Strategy Guide

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There are several approaches you can take to a level, and I encourage everyone to find their own style in playing Farm Heroes Saga. But if you’re having trouble beating a level, and want to increase your chances of success, this 6-step strategy will help.

The 6 Step Farm Heroes Saga Strategy Guide

It is basically about prioritizing the matches that you make. You will quickly develop a good eye for seeing possible matches, but before you choose to make the first match you see, go through these 6 steps as a checklist, to make the best match possible.

The 6 Step Farm Heroes Saga Strategy Guide

1.Check if there is a chance of making a 4 or 5 fruit combo match. If so, make that match.

2.Check if by making a certain match, other fruits will make a match when the first match disappears. If so, make that match.

3.Check if you can make any match with numbered fruits. If you gain at least 3 more, make that match.

4.Check if you need a considerable amount extra of one fruit over the other. For instance, if you need 10 apples and 3 strawberries, match the apples.

5.Check if by making a combo in the bottom part of the level, you can get fruits of the same type closer to another. For instance, if 5 strawberries are scattered over several rows but in two columns, make a vertical match so that these strawberries drop down, and you might be able to match them.

6.Check if by matching fruits you don’t have to collect, you can give at least two bonus numbers to collectable fruits around them. If so, make that match.

The 6 Step Farm Heroes Saga Strategy Guide

If neither of these 6 applies, make the match with the fruit of which you still need to collect most.

TIP: when you’re taking some time to make a move, fruits might wiggle as a suggestion of which match you can make. These are decent, but not always the best possible matches, so be sure to check for better matches first.

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