Farm Town: Another FarmVille?

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Farm Town

In the world of Farm Town you and your friends can have a great time! You can play games, design, grow and maintain your own farm and even send gifts to your friends.

Farm Town
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Each user creates a personal avatar and receives a tract of land with five plots planted with potatoes in various stages of maturity and one plot plowed but unplanted. Farm layout (including buildings, decorations, field layout, etc.) is the responsibility of the farmer. The farmer then begins the basic activities of plowing, planting and harvesting crops.

It costs a farmer 20 coins to plow each acre of land. Each farmer must plant their own plots, but the only expense is the cost of the seed, which varies by crop from 15-300 coins per acre and plants mature after growing from 2 hours to 4 days. The value of a crop at harvest ranges from 47-515 coins per plot.

Farm Town
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The game encourages cooperation with other players. For example, it costs half the price per plowing to hire workers to assist with plowing and harvesting; on the contrary, the farmer actually gets a 25% bonus for having someone else do the work. Players can also establish a buddy list which indicates when friends are online and enables messaging. Harvesting and storing crops earns more than harvesting and selling immediately. In Farm Town, animals won't leave their farm if they aren't fenced; they don't have to be fed and never damage crops. Trees bear fruit which never spoils. As the player accumulates experience and coins, they rise to higher levels which reveal more options, permitting the purchase of more land, improvements and buildings. As of September 17, 2010 there are 135 levels.

Farm Town

The game developers periodically add new crops and items to purchase, keeping the game interesting. As of September, 2009 the maximum farm size was 576 (24x24) plots. However, when spaces are removed between fields (by clicking the "wrench" on the menu bar) the maximum farm size is 1,024 (32x32) plots. All farms, regardless of size, can increase the total number of plots by using "remove spaces between fields" option. As of September 17, 2010 players may have up to 6 farms.



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