FarmVille 2 Cheats: Get Free Items & Rewards

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A farm can't run without water, feeds, fertilizers and more. For leveling up in FarmVille 2, we need to finish a kind of quests, thus, we need freebies. Here below we show you three ways to help you get them easily.

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Method 1:

Use the following link will list out all the feeds that you have on Facebook. You can also consider searching for feeds using the Zynga friends function. Often times you can make quite a big of coins if you visit all of your friends limit up to the daily maximum. But again this is a time consuming process.

Method 2:

we found some places where you can get the free items links which posted by other friends, and you can also post you links, just click the links to get the freebies.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Method 3:

Email Rewards and Special Promotions: Checking your emails daily can help with the special events or promotions that Zynga sometimes put out. This is slower and less consistent. Sometimes Zynga events can definitely help your coin money making and leveling speed. For example, at the time of writing Zynga has released a limited time crop Vanilla which has really good gold coin profit yields.

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