FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Bee All You Can Bee

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Another building for your farm will be built in FarmvilleVille 2 Bee All You Can Bee Quest. It's a brand new Farmville 2 Quests which has 8 mission to complete. It involves bringing on and raising "Bees" in your farm by building the Bee Box. The Bee Box once completed will hold the bees. You can tend and harvest the bees, here with a guide to helping you finish them off.

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FarmVille 2 Bee All You Can Bee Quest

Quest 1 Buzz On!

FarmVille 2 Bee All You Can Bee Quest

  • Have a Bee Box
  • Harvest 15 Flower Crops
  • Harvest 5 Trees

Quest 2: Bee Yourself

FarmVille 2 Bee All You Can Bee Quest

  • Collect 5 Bee Compasses
  • Harvest 15 Pumpkins
  • Make 1 Orange Yarn Flower Bouquet

Quest 3: This Place is Buzzing!

FarmVille 2 Bee All You Can Bee Quest

  • Have a Finished Bee Box
  • Tend Your Furnace 1 time
  • Make 2  Porcelain Mugs

Quest 4: Shake It Like a Bee

  • Collect 5 Bee Dance Cards
  • Tend Your Bee Box 1 time
  • Feed 2 Adult Horses

Quest 5: To Bee or Not To Bee

  • Harvest 20 Flower Crops
  • Tend your Hen House 1 time
  • Make 2 Sunflower Pots

Quest 6: Bee Kind

  • Tend your Bee Box 1 time
  • Make 4 Strawberry Lemonades
  • Feed 2 Adult Cows

Quest 7: Getting From Hay to Bee

  • Collect 5 Honey Dippers
  • Harvest 30 Watermelon Radishes
  • Make 3 Watermelon Radish Bites

Quest 8: You Bee Long Here

  • Use Bee Hive on your farm
  • Use 4 Farm Hands
  • Harvest 30 Flower Crops

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