FarmVille 2 Guide: Best Use of Farm Bucks

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With the smart use of Farm Cash in FarmVille 2. , you can level up and expand your farm faster. This guide will help Cash or real money players of FarmVille 2 the best ways to spend for their buck.

In general, you can pretty much get everything in FarmVille 2 without spending any money. Thus, the best way is generally spending them on permanent items that make your farm stands out from the crowd.

Getting More Out of Your Money

Before we go into the specific use of Farm Bucks in FarmVille 2, we will make a special note about the promotion tactics of Zynga. If you are not familiar with how social games function, is that periodically these companies will have special sales or promotional offers that either gives you additional bonus on the real money currency, or have special limited time items that would really help you with the game.

Often times your best bet is to wait for these promotional offers to appear and become available for you. If you have decided to spend some real money, patience will give you the most bang out of your buck.

Best Use of Farm Cash

Getting Limited Time Special Animal and Trees

Although the animals do become outdated or pretty useless after they become Prized, it may still worthwhile to purchase these animals because their increased return per feed. Usually the farm cash animal purchases give you better loots as well as increased XP.

However it should be noted that it is better to purchase the baby stages of the animal because of the cheaper cost. Milk bottles can be obtained without cost from your neighbors.

Mediocre Way of Farm Cash

The mediocre way of spending Farm Cash is generally on items that can boost your expansion and leveling speed. However, they are not permanent as they only act as speed boost. These ways are OK only if you are racing against your friends to see who levels up faster, other than that, just be patient and enjoy the game.

Farm Expansion with Farm Cash

Having a bigger farm can definitely boost your leveling speed as well as more land resources. With bigger farm size, you can unlock more farm plots to grow longer growth crops.

Instant Grow, Craft Power Refill

You can spend money on instant grow which make your crops ready for harvest instantly. This becomes increasingly less helpful as your main constraint in game is your water supply. The Craft Power refill is the same thing, you typically will have less materials than power to craft items.

Purchase Trough Before Unlock Requirement

The water troughs are unlocked gradually as you advance in level. However, you can bypass those requirements by purchasing them ahead of time. The additional animal counts can help you get XP faster by feeding through all the animals.

Bad Way for Using Farm Cash

These are really bad ways because they are spending Farm Cash on items that you would other wise get for free or cheaper.

Purchase Farm Help

Purchasing farm help is bad because you can get Instant grow cheaper than purchasing the farm hands help. Never ever spend your money on this.

Hiring for Staff Position

Hiring staff at this point of writing is still relatively easy. You do not have crazy requirements that take more than 5 neighbors. Thus, it is better to simply get more FarmVille 2 friends than spending your hard earned money on staff.

Items that You can Request from Neighbor

Many of the items can be requested through neighbor. Same thing as hiring staff members, just be patient and get as many friends you can on the game. Do not waste your money on the items that you can request such as sugar, salt, milk bottle, building items, etc.

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