FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Bird and Breakfast

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FarmVille 2 Bird and Breakfast Quest will introduce a new building: Nesting Tree and the quest story will revolve around this building. The Farmville 2 Nesting Tree will be like the previous quest building where players will collect parts in other to build it. Once built it, players can access the building by clicking it. This quest will run for 2 weeks.

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Quest 1: Birdwatching Season

  • Plant a Nesting Tree
  • Feed 5 Chickens
  • Help Barbara gussy up by doing 5 actions at he B&B

Quest 2: Bird's Eye View

  • Collect 5Backyard Bird Guides
  • Harvest 15 upland Rice
  • Craft 3 Bird Seed

Quest 3: Chicken Envy

  • Feed 6 Chickens
  • Tend your Hen House 1 time
  • Craft 2 Crate of Eggs

Quest 4: Hawk Eye

  • Collect 5 Birding Glasses
  • Make 1 Pink Pig Toy
  • Feed 6 Sheep

Quest 5: Buzz Off

  • Tend your Bee Box 1 time
  • Use your Bee Hive 1 time
  • Get a Bee Hive from your Bee Box

Quest 6: Bird-brained

  • Harvest 30 Upland Rice
  • Tend 3 Wells
  • Make 2 Sticky Rice

Quest 7: Tasty Treats

  • Collect 5 Tasty Worms
  • Make 6 Bird Seed
  • Tend 1 Chicken Coop

Quest 8: Feathery Farewell

  • Harvest 20 Strawberries
  • Have 1 Bird Gate
  • Make 9 Bird Seed



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