FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Cowafornia Dairy

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Get ready to build the new Cow Barn in Farmville 2 Cowafornia Dairy Quests. The best thing about the Cow Barn is it will make more room in your farm for more animals. Here are the full list tasks of the 5 stage Farmville 2 Quests.

FarmVille 2 Cow Barn

Quest 1 of 5: Pasture Master

  • Harvest 40 Crops
  • Harvest 1 Hen House
  • Feed 3 Cows

Quest 2 of 5: Who Cut the Cheese?

  • Collect 5 Cheese Knives
  • Harvest the Yogurt Creamery 2 times
  • Craft 4 Real CA. Brie

Quest 3 of 5: Store Chores

  • Tend the Prized Chicken Coop 1 time
  • Tend the Sheep Shack 2 times
  • Tend the Goat Shelter 1 time

Quest 4 of 5: Fraiche Laiche

  • Collect 5 Antique Milk Jugs
  • Harvest 6 Wells
  • Harvest Furance 2 times

Quest 5 of 5: A Very Merry Dairy

  • Craft any 30 Items
  • Use 4 Farm Hands
  • Buy 1 Bay Cow from the General Store

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