FarmVille 2 Crops Strategy Guide

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Place as many plots as you have well space + 10 to 15. If you have 4 wells, place 50-55 plots. If you use the five plots trick & your neighbors understand it, increase this by another 10 plots. Also, don't count your five plots in this total Consider your crops in 4-hour "cycles."

FarmVille 2 Crops Guide

Each day:

For the first "cycle," place 1/3rd of your plots with potatoes (as soon as they become unlocked to you). If potatoes aren’t available, choose another 12 hour crop. Place the rest in wheat. Water & fertilize;

When your wheat is done, your wells will be ready. Harvest your wheat. If any neighbors have visited, check to see if they are visiting any blank plots. If they are, plant them with your highest 24-hour crop (strawberries, sunflowers, carrots, cucumbers), water, fertilize, use your neighbor to speed-grow, and harvest. If the neighbor works one or more of your potato plots, allow them to speedgrow then harvest;

FarmVille 2 Crops Guide

Once all your neighbor visits are used, plant your crops so that 2/3rd of your plots are now potatoes. Basically, 1/3rd will now have 8 hours left, and 1/3rd will have 12 hours left. Place wheat on the remainder plots. Water & fertilize;

Four hours later, harvest your wheat, accept your neighbor help (plant your 24-hour crop water and fertilize in any blank spot before accepting the help), then plant everything with potatoes.

If you are still up for the next cycle, clear your ready potatoes and replace with potatoes. Usually, though, you will not get more than three crop cycles in in a day and will end up starting over when you wake up.



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