FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Fan Appeal

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Farmville 2 released a new wandering peacock animal in your farm. Players will be building a perch to keep the peacock. "Fan Appeal" Quest is Sequel of "The Little Lonely Peacock" Quest and consists of 8 missions to complete to get the final reward.

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Quest 1: A Big Fan

FarmVille 2 Fan Appeal Quest

  • Place a perch if you want that peacock to stay around
  • Harvest 10 Curly Kale because maybe exotic birds like exotic crops
  • Make 25 Animal Feed to show the bird there’s plenty to eat

Paint the Farm

FarmVille 2 Fan Appeal Quest

  • Collect 5 Silver Enamel to dress up your farm
  • Feed 5 Adult Chickens, because they’re beautiful too
  • Tend the Hen House 1 time to make sure your hens are happy

Take a Break

FarmVille 2 Fan Appeal Quest

  • Tend the Furnace 1 time
  • Harvest 3 Lemon Trees to make lemonade for us
  • Make 3 Lemonade so we can drink it while we talk


FarmVille 2 Fan Appeal Quest

  • Harvest 20 tasty Onions for a delicious broth
  • Harvest 20 juicy Tomatoes to make soup
  • Make 3 hot Tomato Soups for lunch

Peacock Blue

FarmVille 2 Fan Appeal Quest

  • Collect 5 Blue Enamel to please a peacock
  • Tend 2 Wells all birds like splashing in water
  • Water 30 Curly Kale to keep your farm growing

Peacock Fever

  • Harvest 20 Wheat
  • Make 25 Animal Feed and keep your animals happy
  • Feed Adult Peacock 2 times

Colorful Effort

  • Collect 5 Green Enamel to attract an attractive bird
  • Harvest 3 Apple Trees
  • Make 2 Blue Wool Bolts to wave around

Movin On In

  • Tend your Furnace 1 time
  • Help neighbors 20 times
  • Make 1 Feather Charms with your new source of feathers

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