FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Fiesta De Calor

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Fiesta De Calor quest has 4 parts, which was unlocked in Nov. 2 in FarmVille 2, here below task list to help you complete the quest fast, let's check out.

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Part 1: Fiesta Farm

  • Collect 5 strong Twine to hang lights from. (Ask Friends | Skip 20 FB)
  • Have 3 Southwestern Decorations*.
  • Craft 10 tasty Lemonades. Decorating is thirsty work! (Skip 13 FB)
  • R: 4 XP, 400 Coins

Part 2: Spicing it Up

  • Master Habanero Peppers to level 1. We're going to need a lot of peppers!
  • Craft 5 sweat-inducing Spicy Quesos. (Skip 10 FB)
  • Harvest 4 Wells. We'll need lots of water to put out the fire in our party guests' mouths! (Skip 40 FB)
  • R: 4 XP, 400 Coins

Part 3: Questionable Delectables

  • Craft 5 Orange Cupcakes. This mariachi band loves 'em! (Skip 10 FB)
  • Harvest 8 Olives.* Orange Cupcakes and Olives...not MY favorite snack combo. (Skip 7 FB)
  • Feed 5 Goats for Milk. Orange Cupcakes, Olives, and Goat Milk. These guys have weird eating habits. (Skip 4 FB)
  • R: 4 XP, 400 Coins

Part 4: Party Animals

  • Harvest 30 Onions for some dip! (Skip 12 FB)
  • Feed 20 animals to give them energy to party all night! (Skip 9 FB)
  • Collect 5 fragrant Potpourri, to cover up the smell of all these party animals! (Skip 20 FB)



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