FarmVille 2 Fit The Bill Quest Pre-Release Guide

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Fit the Bill Quest of FarmVille 2 Pre-Release Information subject to change before release on Tuesday November 5, 2013


Goal 1:  House of DucksIt’s hard to get close to them. A Duck House will surely help.

  • 1.Have 1 Duck House on your farm.
  • 2.Buy 3 Baby Ducks. Any ones you like; they’re all adorable.
  • 3.Feed 3 Adult Ducks. Grown-up Ducks need attention too.

Goal 2:  You Can Bill Me - If I’m going to get close to Ducks, I need to look like a Duck!

  • 1.Collect 5 Duck Hats; a good start to looking the part. (Post to Feed)
  • 2.Harvest 15 Onions; I don’t think they’re popular with Ducks, but I like them.
  • 3.Make 2 Tomato Soup; we can have it while we wait for the Ducks.

Goal 3:  Wader Minute - We may as well have something to drink while we wait

  • 1.Make 4 Strawberry Lemonade; it’s one of my favorite drinks.
  • 2.Harvest 4 Lemon Trees; you could also harvest Heirloom Lemon Trees!
  • 3.Harvest 20 Strawberries; make sure they’re big and juicy.

Goal 4: Waddle You Mean? - Those Ducks don’t like my stomping around. My feet frighten them!

  • 1.Collect 4 Orange Flippers; A sure-fire duck-feet disguise! (Post to Feed)
  • 2.Make 4 Cornbread; Ducks love all sorts of bread crumbs.
  • 3.Feed 4 Adult Cows to get the milk you’ll need.

Goal 5:  Winging It - Record your observations as you make them, so you don’t forget anything.

  • 1.Make 3 Leather Journals to write down Duck Facts.
  • 2.Feed 6 Adult Horses to get the leather you’ll need.
  • 3.Tend your Rabbit Hutch 2 times to gather Fine Rabbit Wool.

Goal 6:  Cheese and Quackers - Perhaps some breadcrumbs will bring them closer!

  • 1.Make 5 Swiss Cheese Loaves; surely the Ducks won’t be able to resist!
  • 2.Feed 10 Adult Chickens so they don’t get jealous of the Ducks.
  • 3.Tend your Cow Shed 2 times to get enough delicious Swiss Cheese.

Goal 7:  That Fowl Stench - I might look like a Duck, but I don’t smell like one. Time to fix that!

  • 1.Collect 5 Duck Cologne; with enough of this on, I’ll smell like a handsome Drake! (Post to Feed)
  • 2.Make 4 Peach Lemonade; pretty soon it will be too cold for Lemonade! Best have it now.
  • 3.Harvest 4 Peach Trees; make sure to pick the juiciest ones!

Goal 8:  Quacking Up - Feeding Ducks is the best way to get feathers for profitable crafting. Try it out!

  • 1.Tend your Duck House 2 times. Fill those bills with feed!
  • 2.Feed 4 Adult Ducks too; they also have great feathers!
  • 3.Make 4 White Dreamcatchers with those handy feathers!

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