FarmVille 2 Guide: Get a Free Nubian Goat

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Nubian Goat is normally available in the market for 10 Farm Bucks but below is the quest given soon in FarmVille 2. you will get this mission to complete and earn a free Nubian Goat. This event will be a mix of missions and Thanks Giving Halloween! So there will be a lot of free rewards to unlock. That as the goat will be worth more tickets! So these are tasks not to miss.

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FarmVille 2 Free Nubian Goat

Explosive enthusiasm

  • Harvest plots eyed peas for cocktails spic
  • Draws water in wells for fresh water
  • Prepares eyed peas in spicy food

At the candlelight

  • Place the carriage fireworks in your farm
  • Fireworks is reaping crops
  • Prepare lemonade for New Year revelers

A sparkling adventure

  • Retrieves kazoos to make a noise all the devils
  • Fireworks is reaping crops
  • Fed animals so that they do not go hungry during the show

Lights in the sky

  • Take care of both of your furnace to stoke the fire
  • Prepares cupcakes with orange for the party
  • Prepares goat cheese tart

Preparation for the feast

  • Retrieves Eve hats with your friends
  • Ends the carriage to share your fireworks fireworks
  • Uses of agricultural workers to give you time to look for fireworks

A feast spice

  • Prepares to honor eyed peas spicy tradition
  • Harvest plots of tomatoes to prepare a delicious meal
  • Gets a rocket Storm sparks fireworks in the carriage

A very special guest

  • Prepares a strawberry lemonade for guests
  • Harvesting olives for something to nibble
  • Retrieves a fireworks Professor in the carriage of fireworks

Happy New Year

  • Fed hens
  • Buys table New Year's party in the carriage of fireworks
  • Retrieves the scarecrow in the New Year fireworks trolley

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