FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Hoedown Throwdown

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Join Marie as she battles Johnny in a new Farmville 2 Hoedown Throwdown Quests. Marie is a cousin of Johnny the Hoedown King. If you are playing you are familiar with him. And they will meet in a chili cook off challenge. Players will also be joining by building the Chili Stand. After completing it, clicking on it will let you see what the prizes are and how many chili ticket will need to get it.

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FarmVille 2 Hoedown Throwdown Quest

Quest 1: A Bit Chili

FarmVille 2 Hoedown Throwdown Quest

  • Harvest 25 Tomatoes
  • Make 3 Tomato Paste
  • Feed 3 Adult Chickens

Quest 2: They Call Him Johnny

FarmVille 2 Hoedown Throwdown Quest

  • Collect 5 Hoedown Hats
  • Harvest 16 Pumpkins
  • Make 2 Pumpkin Pies

Quest 3: A Pinch of This

FarmVille 2 Hoedown Throwdown Quest

  • Harvest 16 Onions
  • Make 2 Sour Cream Chili
  • Make 3 Blue Wool Bolts

Quest 4: Dance Decor

  • Collect 5 Hoedown Decorations
  • Harvest 25 Corn
  • Make 3 Cornbread

Quest 5: Heat it Up!

  • Harvest 24 Pinto Beans
  • Make 3 Pinto Bean Chili
  • Use 3 Farm Hands

Quest 6: Earn Your Spurs

  • Feed 4 Adult Horses
  • Make 1 Floral Trivet
  • Make 2 Beaded Wool Pouches

Quest 7: Banjo Band

  • Collect 5 Hoedown Banjoes
  • Harvest 16 WHeat
  • Make 2 Iced Fig Cakes

Quest 8: Serving It Up

  • Tend 1 Mud Wallow
  • Make 2 Hot Cheesy Chili
  • Make 2 Porcelain Mugs

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