FarmVille 2: Holiday Tree Guide (3 Stage)

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Here all the details of the missions of 3 week in FarmVille 2.Check below to find out more information about each stage.

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FarmVille 2 Holiday Tree Quest

FarmVille 2: First Week of Winter

Mission 1: Polar Planning

  • Perform 5 neighbor actions and see their winter preparations (5 Farm Bucks)
  • Harvest 20 Tomatoes before it gets too cold! (9 Farm Bucks)
  • Feed 10 Animals to keep them healthy through the chill. (6 Farm Bucks)

Mission 2: Grandma's Secret Recipe

  • Harvest 5 Lemon Trees for juicy lemons. (5 Farm Bucks)
  • Craft 5 Lemon Lace Cookies, just like grandma used to make! (14 Farm Bucks)
  • Harvest 15 Blueberries to snack on while we wait for the cookies. (7 Farm Bucks)

Mission 3: The Spirit of Giving

  • Craft 10 Apple Scones as quick as you can! (24 Farm Bucks)
  • Sell 10 Apple Scones while they're nice and hot! (9 Farm Bucks)
  • Help 40 times on Friends' Farms, since we're never too busy to help friends. (13 Farm Bucks)

Mission 4: Train of Thought

  • Collect 5 Model Train Cars from Walter;s childhood. (10 farm Bucks)
  • Feed 5 Rabbits to get wool for polishing model trains. (4 Farm Bucks)
  • Harvest 3 Olive Tree to lubricate the model locomotive. (3 Farm Bucks)

FarmVille 2: Second Week of Winter

Mission 1: A copy preparation

  • Harvest plots to prepare delicious pumpkin pie
  • Apple harvest to prepare mulled cider
  • Draws water into your well to prevent it from freezing

Mission 2: Delicious treats

  • Prepares cupcakes with mint to celebrate the holidays
  • Take care of your dairy animals for milk accompanying cupcakes
  • Marie to go visit him eat your candy

Mission 3: For a few more degrees

  • Fed reindeer fur for high quality
  • Harvest plots onions to prepare a good gazpacho
  • Preparing gazpacho

Mission 4: Sweet Winter

  • Retrieves boxes of chocolate covered cherry
  • Prepares glasses of lemonade with strawberry that Barbara can add a little something
  • Strawberry harvest to prepare a special drink

FarmVille 2: Third Week of Winter

Quest 1: Mystery and marshmallows

  • Harvest to prove they are real
  • Take care of rabbits and sheep, but beware that they do not eat marshmallows
  • Performs actions neighborhood remembering to check the presence of unusual cultures

Quest 2: Beware of foxes

  • Fed hens you sure they are safe from foxes
  • Prepares glasses of hot cider to warm the poor Walter
  • Performs actions in neighboring farms to ensure you no fox approaches

Quest 3: Working with wool

  • Manufactures fabric pieces to make outfits for the holidays
  • Produces thick blankets to keep everyone warm
  • Thick blankets to sell the most timid of friends

Quest 4: Ornaments Winter

  • Retrieves clay pots for making decorations
  • Draws water in your shaft to soften the clay
  • Produces blue handkerchiefs to tie around your decoration

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