FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Level 3 to Level 5

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New questes are unlocked constantly in FarmVille 2, in order to help you complete each quest from level 3 to level 5, we create this article, hope can help you in some case.

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Level 3 Quest

Task 1: New Horizons 1/2: Scratch a Patch

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Have 25 plots on your farm
  • Water 8 Blueberries
  • Water 8 Wheat

New Horizons 2/2: Fiendly Fodder

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Use 1 Farmhand on your crops or Crafting Kitchen
  • Do 5 helpful thins on your neighbors' farms to get free items
  • Click on yourself to change clothes for a new look

Task 2: Virtuous Sickle 1/3: Core Issues

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Buy 4 Apple Tree for your orchard
  • Water 1 Apple Tree to start it growing.
  • Feed 1 Goat for fun after a hard day in the orchard

Virtuous Sickle 2/3: Pouty Poultry

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Harvel 10 Tomatoes. They Grow Faster than chickens can eat!
  • Make 6 Feed for your hungry chickens
  • Feed 2 Chickns to give em something to peck at.

Virtuous Sickle 3/3: Time of the Season

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Sell 4 Tomatoes to reap the quick rewards
  • Pant 8 Wheat! That'll give us time to go to Market
  • Water 8 Wheat seeds. Unwatered seeds are destiny unfulfilled

Task 3: Words of Wisdom: Proper Farm Decoration

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Place the Farm Sign Down from your inventory
  • Have a Scarecrow on your farm
  • Rotate 1 Scarecros, to imitate a real farmer.

Level 4 Quest

Task 1: A Merry Dairy 1/3: Taking Stock

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Sell 5 Milk
  • Sell 10 Eggs
  • Sell 20 Tomatoes

A Merry Dairy 2/3: Kidding Around

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Harvest 12 Pumpkins for goat feed later
  • Buy 1 Baby Goat to Expand your herd
  • Harvest 12 Blueberries

A Merry Dairy 3/3: Gourd Gorge

FarmVille 2 Quest

  • Have 2 Adult Goats in your herd
  • Make 20 Feed for your goat herd
  • Earn 1000 coins by selling goods in the Market Stand.



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