FarmVille 2 County Fair Guide: How to Make More Points

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Grow Prize Crops to win medals and other great rewards and compete with Friends and Neighbors in weekly events. Here below will share a few Tips with you on county Fair and how to make more points.

FarmVille 2 County Fair - More Points Guide

First tip is to set aside 7 plots separate from the rest of your crops and place a sign for your neighbors to help here. Then make sure you only plant your 24 hour crops in this area always fertilize crops  you will get more prized crops this way and by doing this and with friends help you will usually get 1 to 3 prize crops per neighbor visit. And if you are short on water are fertilize you can use your neighbors help in this area as well.

Second tip is when your crops are ready to harvest click on 5 to 7 at a time, you will find that you will get more prize crops this way. And you always get more prized crops when neighbors help speed grow them before they are ready to harvest.

  • Use your farmhands to speed grow your 24 hour crops -  you make a lot of county fair points using farmhands also.
  • Also to help you with water & fertilize always use up what you have in your inventory before accepting your neighbors gifts this way you do not lose it because you are allowed to only have 30 waters & 30 fertilize at one time.
  • Try to send out 50 to 100 request for water are fertilize at one time any more then that is a waste.The more you send out gifts to your neighbors the more you will receive.
  • And remember the more you visit your neighbors the more your neighbors will visit you.

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