FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Riled in the Wild

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Riled in the Wild Quest was unlocked in level 20. This post will guide you how to complete: Riled in the Wild Quest fast. There are four tasks in this quest, let's check out below.

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Quest 1: Pest Test

FarmVille 2 Riled in the Wild Quest

  • Collect 5 Barbed Wire to create some boundaries around Walter's crops
  • Perform 15 neighbor actions to survey the local animal population
  • Buy a Cotton Tail Rabbit so ou can study rabbit habits
  • Rewards: 70 XP, 1200 Coins

Quest 2: The Carrot Trap

  • Plant 20 Carrots Rabbits love Carrots!
  • Use Fertilizer on 10 Carrots to make them extra enticing to the hidden hare.
  • Sell 15 recipes to the villagers and ask about rabbits
  • Rewards: 80 XP, 1200 Coins

Quest 3: They Said Carrot Bread

FarmVille 2 Riled in the Wild Quest

  • Plant 15 Wheat. We'll need to make flour for the bread.
  • Help Walter out on his farm. Perhaps you can spot the creature there.
  • Craft 2 Carrot Bread. Folks are convinced this creature will eat it.
  • Rewards: 90 XP, 1200 Coins

Quest 4: Unbridled Attraction

FarmVille 2 Riled in the Wild Quest

  • "Adopt" the baby Black Arabian Horse from the general store by purchasing it.
  • Raise a Black Arabian Horse into Adulthood!
  • Feed an adult Black Arabian Horse for a chance at finding a saddle!
  • Rewards: 3 Saddles, 2 Horseshoes

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