FarmVille 2 Complet Guide: The Appaloosa River

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Early Access for the Appaloosa River is here in FarmVille 2! Get a head start on your next expansion and be the first of your friends to experience the River. All players who purchase an Early Access pass will also receive fantastic prizes, such as the exclusive Albino Water Buffalo, Cattail Bouquets, and more!

FarmVille 2 Complet Guide: The Appaloosa River

River Expansion Check-off List:

Before you get your rubber boots on, you’ll need to check off a couple of things to ensure that you’re prepped for anything that the mighty River may offer:

  1. Level 15 or Higher – Farming on the River is no easy task, so our greener Farmers will need to improve their farming skills and prep before they get their feet wet.
  2. Camarillo Country Expansion – Since it’s not safe (or fun) to cross through overgrown grass, you’ll need unlock the Camarillo Country Expansion to access the River. Not to worry though! Once you complete the Expansion tasks, the wild and friendly goats will help you clear the space!

If you are level 15 or higher and have the Camarillo Country Expansion, click on the plot to get started.

FarmVille 2 Complet Guide: The Appaloosa River

Early River Expansion Rewards:

All players who expand early will receive the amazing items listed below:

  • Access to the first River Expansion
  • The exclusive Albino Water Buffalo
  • 5 Cattail Bouquets (Decoration)
  • 1 Leisurely Liner (Decoration)

In addition to the items above, early access means you will have a head start in the race to clear out the first and second River Expansions! If you are aching for more room on your farm, this pass will let you get space sooner rather than later.

FarmVille 2 Complet Guide: The Appaloosa River

Note: If you do not wish to expand early, no problem – we’ll be rolling this feature out to all players over the upcoming week.

Note: All Early Access Decorations will be automatically added to your Inventory.

Coming Soon

When the River is released to the general public on September 3rd, Water Crops and the Crop Dryer will also make their way to FarmVille 2! Soon, you’ll be able to farm on the river and dry your bountiful Water Crops in the new Crop Dryer. These features are not part of the Early Access experience.

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