FarmVille 2 Complete Guide: The Crafting Drive

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The Crafting Drive Booth is here! Crafting in the Booth will earn you Points, which you can redeem for great rewards and the adorable baby Lionhead Rabbit!


Using the Crafting Drive Booth:

Click on the Crafting Drive Booth to open the main menu.


This menu shows how many Points you have earned in the current week, what rewards you have redeemed and what rewards you are currently working towards. It also shows your cumulative points that go towards earning the baby Lionhead Rabbit (Final Reward).

  • A – The Points Total (cumulative amount of Points you have earned during the Crafting Drive). You earn Points by crafting the Crafting Drive Recipes. Note: This number keeps counting up, and does not get reset every week (see “the Baby Lionhead” section below for more details).
  • B – If you want to ask your Friends for Points, click on this button and a request will post to your feed.
  • C – The button to use when you want to purchase Points for Farm Bucks.
  • D – Use these arrow buttons to scroll through the Crafting Drive Recipes.
  • E – The button to use when you want to craft the Crafting Drive Recipes (earn Points).
  • F – The Crafting Drive Booth bar, which tracks your progress towards Milestone Goals and earning the baby Lionhead Rabbit. Note: This bar will reset each week when the next Stage becomes available.

How to Get Points in the Crafting Drive:

There are multiple ways to get Points in the Crafting Drive:

1.Crafting Recipes:

  • a.The first Stage (Week 1) has 2 different Recipes, and then 2 new Recipes that are worth higher Points unlock the following Stages (Week 2 & 3).
  • b.When new Recipes unlock, you can craft those, as well as the previously unlocked Recipes, which means you can craft up to 4 Recipes in parallel during Week 2, and up to 6 Recipes during Week 3!
  • c.Ask your Friends for Donation Points by posting a feed to your wall (See B. in the “Using the Crafting Drive Booth” section above).
  • d.Use your Farm Helpers! Each Farm Helper will drop a Donation Package after they’ve completed a Neighbor Visit task.
  • e.Purchase Points for Farm Bucks (See C. in the “Using the Crafting Drive Booth” section above).

Crafting Drive Recipes:

In order to earn Points, you must craft the Crafting Drive Recipes. From the Crafting Drive Booth menu, click on the “Craft Recipe” button to open the Recipe menu.

The two Recipes for the Week 1 are as follows:

•Pet Collar: The required Ingredients are Wool and Rhinestone. You will receive a total of two Points per Pet Collar crafted. Note: To get Wool, feed your Adult Sheep and Adult Rabbits (feeding your Prized Sheep and Prized Rabbits do not count).


•Animal Blanket: The required Ingredients are Fur and Blueberries. You will receive a total of one Point per Animal Blanket crafted. Note: To get Fur, feed your Adult Buffalo and Adult Deer (feeding your Prized Buffalo and Prized Deer do not count).


The two Recipes for the Week 2 are as follows:

•Pooper Scooper: The required Ingredients are Pieces of Wood and Copper Poop Scoop. You will receive a total of five Points per Pooper Scooper crafted. Note: To get Pieces of Wood, harvest your Pine Trees and White Willow Trees.


•Porcelain Treat Bowl: The required Ingredients are Mud and Strawberries. You will receive a total of three Points per Porcelain Treat Bowl crafted. Note: To get Mud, feed your Adult Pigs (feeding your Prized Pigs do not count).


•Week 3 Recipes: Coming Soon!
•Note: These Recipes will be worth SEVEN and TEN Points!

Farmhand Donation Packages:

In addition to Crafting, you can earn Points from your Farmhands. As you use your Farmhands, they will donate a Package to you for the Animal Hospital, which gives you Points in the Crafting Drive. These Packages linger on your farm and appear as a small blue box. Once you have found a Package, click on it and you will receive the following message:


Click on the “Open Booth and Share” button to share some Points with Friends!

Earning Rewards:

In order to earn the Crafting Drive rewards, you will need to accrue enough Points to hit your Milestone Goal. Once you have collected enough Points for your current Milestone Goal, they will be automatically redeemed for some great rewards. After you redeem each reward, a green check mark will appear to indicate what Milestone Goal has been reached. Click on your Crafting Drive Booth to open up your progress menu.

Stage 1

The Milestone Goals and respective rewards for Week 1 are as follows:

  • Milestone 1:  +6 Speed-Grow
  • Milestone 2:  +10 Speed-Grow
  • Milestone 3:  +20 Speed-Grow
  • Milestone 4:  +34 Speed-Grow

Stage 2

The Milestone Goals and respective rewards for Week 2 are as follows:

  • Milestone 1:  +10 Fertilizer
  • Milestone 2:  +16 Fertilizer
  • Milestone 3:  +30 Fertilizer
  • Milestone 4:  +64 Fertilizer

Stage 3 – Coming Soon!

The Baby Lionhead Rabbit:

The final reward for the Crafting Drive Booth is the baby Lionhead Rabbit. In order to earn this adorable Rabbit, you will need to earn enough Points (Points Total) towards the Crafting Drive Goal. The Crafting Drive Goal is based on the cumulative Points you get over the 3-week period, and can be redeemed for the baby Lionhead Rabbit as soon as the Goal has been reached.


 If you do not want to wait to get the baby Lionhead Rabbit, you can use Farm Bucks to get enough Points and unlock the Rabbit right away!

Additional Information:

  • Every week, the Crafting Drive Booth bar is reset and you will now work towards a new set of rewards. Note: Your Points Total (number below the baby Lionhead Rabbit) will not be reset.
  • You have 21 days to collect the rewards. If you do not collect them all, the rewards will disappear and you will be unable to claim them.
  • If you want to see how much time you have left to claim the Crafting Drive Booth rewards, click on the Booth and look at the timer below the "Get a Bunny."
  • You are limited to one Crafting Drive Booth per farm.
  • The Crafting Drive Booth is unmovable.

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