FarmVille 2 Guide: The Great Swan Migration, Stage 3

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It's week 3 of the Farmville 2 The Great Swan Migration feature. You are now in this third week of this month long feature and for this week you will be building the Blue Jay House. You will also craft some Cranberry Salads, Glass Good Luck Charm and Blue Jay Treats so you might wanna prepare ahead the ingredients for this good.


The Great Swan Migration Week 3 Quest 1: Sticking Your Beak Out

  • Get 5 Bird Feeding Bowls and ensure that the returning Swans never go hungry!
  • Harvest 30 Corns to make delightful treats for the returning Swans!
  • Craft 2 Cranberry Salads and keep your ice clearing crew’s morale up!

The Great Swan Migration Week 3 Quest 2: Cygnet Magnet

  • Complete 1 Blue Jay House and show the Swans how much you love all kinds of birds!
  • Fertilize 4 Apple Trees and impress the swans with your majestic well groomed Apple Trees!
  • Harvest 4 Apple Trees, take a break from clearing Ice Chunks and enjoy your bountiful harvest!

The Great Swan Migration Week 3 Quest 3: Avian Haven

  • Craft 3 Pointy Garden Fences, Bird will love perching on these fences! (Pointy Garden Fence = Metal sheet x1, Lumber x1)
  • Water 20 Trees, Birds love healthy trees!
  • Craft 2 Blue Jay Treats, Blue Jays will go crazy over them!

 The Great Swan Migration Week 3 Quest 4: Cob Job

  • Feed 2 Blue Jays and show the world how well you treat your feathered friends!
  • Craft 2 Glass Good Luck Charms and appeal to your birds’ love of shiny objects. (Glass Goodluck Charm = Wool Thread Spindle x1 = Glass x2)
  • Craft 2 Ornate Bells and make some wonderful melodies with all kinds of Birds! (Ornate Bell = Metal Sheet x1, Fine Rabbit Wool)

Bonus Challenge:

  • Craft 20 Cranberry Salad, a well fed crew is a productive crew! (Cranberry Salad = Cranberry x6, Onion x6)
  • Water 60 Trees
  • Craft 20 Glass Good Luck Charm to appease the superstitious members of your Ice Chunk clearing crew! (Glass Goodluck Charm = Wool Thread Spindle x1, Glass x2)

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