FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: The Nannies

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Farmville 2 released a Goat Shelter for storing your prized goat. "The Nannies" Quest is Sequel of "Goat Shelter" Quest and consists of 8 missions to complete to get the final reward.

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Quest 1: Prized Pride!

FarmVille 2 The Nannies Quest

  • Place a Goat Shelter on your Farm
  • Buy 1 Baby Goat and give her lots of positive reinforcement
  • Raise 1 Baby Goat into a very special adult

Quest 2: Goji Goats

FarmVille 2 The Nannies Quest

  • Harvest 20 Goji Berries for a special goat
  • Make 20 feed to pamper your goats
  • Make 3 Crimson Dyes with left over Goji berries

Quest 3: Cheesy Fun

FarmVille 2 The Nannies Quest

  • Collect 5 Goat Milking Gloves
  • Feed 2 Prized Goats, while whispering encouragements
  • Craft 1 Premium Goat Cheese Tart

Quest 4: A New Home

FarmVille 2 The Nannies Quest

  • Finish the Goat Shelter for those impatient goats
  • Harvest 10 Strawberries for finicky goats
  • Make 2 Strawberry Yogurt Pies with the extra strawberries

Quest 5: Dress It Up 

  • Collect 5 Green Bandanas
  • Harvest 15 Pumpkins to brighten up the farm
  • Feed 5 Adult Goats so they know you still care

Quest 6: Care and Feeding

  • Harvest the Goat Shelter 2 time
  • Harvest 3 Lemon Trees for fresh lemons
  • Craft 10 Lemon Waters for finicky goats

Quest 7: Mood Music

  • Collect 5 Pan Flutes to soothe your Prized Goats
  • Feed 5 Adult Goats; they look hungry too
  • Lend a hand on Marie's farm and observe her Goats (Visit Marie's farm and do 5 actions)

Quest 8: Prize Perfect!

  • Harvest the Goat Shelter 2 times and keep those valuable goats happy!
  • Craft 2 Premium Goat Cheese Tarts for Marie
  • Harvest 20 Goji Berries for future goat feed

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