FarmVille 2 The Show Must Go On Quest Guide

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Walter needs help in Farmville 2 The Show Must Go On! He was requested by Barbara to partake in a local school play and he will need our help in this 8 part Farmville 2 Quests. Here listed on this post the information you will need regarding this latest mission.

Quest 1 of 8: The Play's the Thing

  • Harvest Well 5 Times
  • Plant 5 Rice in the river
  • Feed 1 Adult Duck

Quest 2 of 8: Prop It Up

  • Collect 5 Fun Theater Props
  • Harvest 12 Sweet Lorane Fava Beans
  • Make 1 Fava Bean Soup

Quest 3 of 8: Just Peachy

  • Perform 5 Helpful Actions on Neighbor farms
  • Harvest 2 Peach Trees
  • Make 2 Peach Lemonades

Quest 4 of 8: Paint the Town

  • Collect 5 Theater Paint
  • Harvest 15 Strawberries
  • Make 1 Strawberry Lemonade

Quest 5 of 8: Hairpin Turn

  • Tend your Duck House 2 Times
  • Feed 2 Adult Horses
  • Make 1 White Feather Hairpin

Quest 6 of 8: Loafing Around

  • Tend your Pig Pen 2 times
  • Harvest 20 Wheats
  • Make 2 Cranberry Bread

Quest 7 of 8: Tickets, Please.

  • Collect 5 Theater Tickets
  • Feed 2 Adult Cows
  • Make 2 Swiss Cheese Fondues

Quest 8 of 8: Time for Reflection

  • Tend your Horse Stable 2 times
  • Harvest 4 Pine Trees
  • Make 2 Embossed Leather Mirrors

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