FarmVille 2 Complete Guide: How to Train Baby Sheep in the Nursery

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Once you have built the nursery you must place the baby sheep in it and you will first choose their specializations among three choices. For each of the specializations it will do different tasks.


Here are the details:

Specialization: fertilizers (occur in adulthood 2 bags of fertilizer)
To cause a sheep to produce more fertilizer, it takes a lot of patience.

    Prepare 2 bags of red rye sheep for digestive balance of your sheep
    Prepare 2 soups with tomatoes for snacking while driving your sheep
    Prepare 2 bries to offer your sheep a balanced diet

Specialization: wool (occur in adulthood 2 wool balls)
Cause a sheep to produce more wool is not an easy task.

    Prepare 2 bags of green rye for sheep
    Prepare 4 rolls of Swiss cheese for your motivation remains intact
    Make 2 salt blocks for sheep to please your sheep

Specialization: Appetite (hunger has 2 times faster in adulthood)
To cause a sheep to eat more often, you must get up early.

    Prepare 2 bags of blue sheep rye
    Make 1 charm feather for your sheep fun while training
    Prepare 3 ice for your sheep did not hunger during training

You will then choose personality for your sheep:

Personality blossomed
A beaming sheep radiates happiness and brighten your farm all day.

    Make 2 red toy sheep to play with your sheep
    Make 2 combs for your sheep, sheep make a big sleep
    Make 1 mirror driving hand your sheep smile

Personality: relax
Morning, afternoon or evening to relax a sheep, it’s always time for a nap.

    Make 2 green sheep toys to play with your sheep
    Make 1 pillow sheep to untangle the knots in the fleece of thy sheep
    Make 2 luck charms to entertain your sheep

Personality: rebel
Rebel sheep a difficult character, but he is so adorable you’ll forgive him everything.

    Make 2 blue sheep toys to play with your sheep
    Make 2 hoops training for sheep to make him spend his excess energy
    Make 1 olive oil to reward you for your patience

The last step will be to train your baby sheep to remember the name that has chosen him! This step is common for all sheep (regardless of personality and specialization chosen)

To learn his name to a sheep, it takes love and perseverance.

    Repeats “the name given to your sheep” while reading two training manuals sheep
    Sign his name for your sheep while playing with two plush sheep
    Preparing baby formula 1 sheep to reward your efforts sheep

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