FarmVille 2 Guide: Details of Water Expansion

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All players already have low space in their farms as the expansions and land packages are expensive but the next water expansion has appeared and all the details are leaked out from the developers. Space became problem because you have too many pets , animals and birds in your farm and also trees take more space and plots for crops as well. After every quests you always get some new decoration piece but you have a problem to place it. So the designers of the game already made a mistake so they are recovering it from the water to fill the river and make it as land. There are no chances for other farms to fly out there.

FarmVille 2 Water Expansion Guide

You need more space or you find that the expansions are tropes dear? Here’s everything you need to know about these new expansions available at level 15 for all players but be careful if you want to be among the first players to unlock these parcels of ground water to grow new crops water you’ll need to unlock Field Camarillo. this piece of land that you see below cons. The new aquatic expansion will ONLY available to players who have unlocked the field Camarillo! Consider now unlock priority if you have not done so.

Get off the field to Camarillo to cultivate the near the River when it will appear, your site now and be the first of your friends to reach the river. Take a step ahead of the expansion Creek bison.

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