FarmVille 2 Quest Guide: Wool Power

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The new Spinning Wheel that is now available to build in FarmVille 2, players can now also complete a series of eight "Wool Power" quests via the help of Walter. Here with a guide to completing these quests, which will only be available for a limited time. Let's get started!

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Quest 1: Woolly Issues

FarmVille 2 Wool Power Quest

  • Feed 2 Adult Rabbits and get the wool rolling in!
  • Feed 2 Adult Sheep for even more wool!
  • Harvest 12 black Tea Plants, as I hear it's not available for long.

Quest 2: The Brush Off

FarmVille 2 Wool Power Quest

  • Collect 5 Rabbit Brushes to keep that valuable wool goomed.
  • Harvest 10 Blueberries for quality animal feed.
  • Make 2 Blue Handkerchiefs with those extra Blueberries. Added value!

Quest 3: Round and Round!

FarmVille 2 Wool Power Quest

  • Finish building your Spinning Wheel
  • Feed 3 Adult Rabbits
  • Feed 3 Adult Sheep

Quest 4: Sit and Spin

  • Collect 5 Sheep Shears
  • Tend your Spinning Wheel 1 time
  • Water 2 Pine Trees

Quest 5: Wheel Mechanics

  • Harvest 15 Black Tea Plants
  • Feed 4 Adult Sheep
  • Make 2 Cups of Turkish Tea

Quest 6: Barely Made It!

  • Fertilize 20 Strawberries
  • Feed 3 Adult Sheep
  • Make 2 Red Yarn

Quest 7: Something Special

  • Collect 5 Alfalfa Bunches
  • Tend 1 Spinning Wheel
  • Make 2 Orange yarn

Quest 8: Keep It up!

  • Feed 4 Adult Rabbits
  • Feed 3 Sheep
  • Make 1 Orange yarn Flower Bouquets

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