FarmVille 2 Work It Out Quest Pre-release Guide

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Work It Out quest of FarmVille 2 Pre-Release Information subject to change before release on Oct 1, 2013.

Goal 1: Getting Busy

    Harvest 8 Cranberry to improve your skills with water crops
    Water 6 tress to keep your farm growing strong
    Make 1 Cranberry Bread, so there’s something to eat when we work up an appetite

Goal 2: Bolt It On

    Collect 5 farm work gloves, and get ready to dig into some hard work (Post to feed)
    Feed 3 adult sheep to gather wool
    Make 2 Wool Bolt to keep the dust off things while we work

Goal 3: Lotion Notion

    Harvest 8 Dyer’s Greenweed to make something handy
    Feed 3 adult horses so they don’t nibble the Greenweed
    Make Dyer’s Greenweed Lotion to protect our hands from all the rough work

Goal 4: Turn It Up

    Collect 5 Farm Work Wrenches(Post to feed)
    Harvest 4 trees to gather wood
    Make 5 Lumber out of the raw wood

Goal 5: Not Baaaaad

    Tend the Sheep Shack 2 times to quiet those sheep down
    Harvest 16 Dyer’s Greenweed while it is in season
    Make 2 Dyer’s Greenweed Bookmarks

Goal 6: How Charming

    Tend the Rabbit Warren 2 times to satisfy those hoppers
    Feed 3 adult ducks to gather some feathers
    Make 2 Feather Charms to bring you luck on your farm

Goal 7: I Saw You

    Collect 5 Farm Work Rakes to keep the yard tidy (Post to feed)
    Tend 6 Adult Sheep to collect useful wool
    Make 3 Produce Totes to sort and carry all our tools

Goal 8: Power Through

    Tend the furnace 3 times to get plenty of power
    Harvest 8 Pine trees to get raw wood
    Make 4 Plain Trellis for your farm

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