FarmVille 2 Tea With Walter Quest Pre-release

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Tea With Walter Quest Text Information Guide Pre-release information subject to change prior to release which is expected on March 20, 2014

Goal 1:

1.Buy 1 Sprinkler
2.Fertilize 30 Spinach
3.Harvest 6 Wells

Goal 2:

1.Collect 5 Jerry Cans (Post to Game Feed)
2.Harvest your Fuel Pump
3.Craft 6 Spinach Pinwheels (Craft in the Kitchen-recipe on page 43)

Goal 3:

1.Receive 20 Mud by feeding Adult Pigs
2.Craft 3 Floral Teacups (Craft in the Crafting Kiln)

Goal 4:

1.Collect 5 Kettles (Post to Game Feed)
2.Craft 5 Heirloom Plum Pies (Craft in the Kitchen-recipe on page 41)
3.Complete the building of the Sprinkler purchased in Goal #1

Goal 5:

1.Receive 40 Cheddar Cheese by feeding your Adult Dairy Producing Animals
2.Craft 4 Heirloom Cheese Boards (Craft in the Workshop-recipe on Page 30)
3.Use 6 Sprinklers

Goal 6:

1.Collect 5 Pitchers (Post to Game Feed)
2.Fertilize 6 Heirloom Cherry Trees
3.Craft 4 Heirloom Cherry Limeades (Craft in the Kitchen-recipe on page

Goal 7:

1.Harvest you Furnace 4 times
2.Craft 5 Watercress Soups (Craft in the Kitchen-recipe on page 41)
3.Craft 4 Goat Cheese Sandwiches (Craft in the Kitchen-recipe on page 44)

Goal 8:

1.Use 8 Sprinklers
2.Craft 6 Heirloom Utah Soaps (Craft in the Workshop-recipe on page 31)
3.Use 16 Farmhands

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