FarmVille 2 Tips: Celtic Countryside Items

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New "Celtic Countryside" limited edition items are available in the General Store! Check out the details below.


New Limited Edition Decorations (Unlocks – Level 3):

    Celtic Pagoda  – 24 Farm Bucks
    Celtic Ruins Arch  - 8 Farm Bucks
    Celtic Green Man Fountain  - 10 Farm Bucks
    St. Pactrick’s Chair  – 19500 coins
    Irish Garden Flower Patch  – 8 Farm Bucks
    (Reissue) Gaelic round house – 35 Farm Bucks
    (Reissue) Eternal Braid Farm Ranch Gate – 3500 coins
    (Reissue) Eternal Braid Farm Fence – 4 Farm Bucks
    (Reissue) Eternal Braid Farm paver – 4 Farm Bucks
    (Reissue) Shamus Shillelagh Scarecrow – 14 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Trees (Unlocks – Level 7):

    Black Maul Tree – 11 Farm Bucks; 20 Farm Bucks (Heirloom)
    Littleleaf Linden Tree – 12 Farm Bucks; 21 Farm Bucks (Heirloom)
     Midland Hawthorn Tree – 13 Farm Bucks; 22 Farm Bucks (Heirloom)

New Limited Edition Animals (Unlocks – Level 6):

    Dalesbred Sheep – 22 Farm Bucks; 35 Farm Bucks (Adult)
    Ginger Bilberry Goat - 21 Farm Bucks; 38 Farm Bucks (Adult)
    Black Swan – 28 Farm Bucks; 41 Farm Bucks (Adult)
    Whooper Swan – 28 Farm Bucks; 41 Farm Bucks (Adult)

New Limited Edition Crop:

    Celeriac – 46 Coins

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:

    Dried Hawhtorn Berries
    Little-Leaf Linden Tea
    Cheddar Celeriac Soup
    Celeriac Chips

Crafting Workshop Recipes:

    Woven Picnic Basket
    Black Maul Flower Basket
    Black Maul Wreath

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