FarmVille 2 Tips: Crop Packets

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In comes the new "Crop Packets" feature to fill that gap in your life, as players are now allowed to purchase premium crop licenses and mastery crops that aren't otherwise available for planting.

FarmVille 2 Crop Packets

So far, there are only two Crop Packets available for purchase: a Hibiscus Packet, and a Honeysuckle Packet. Both cost 15 Farm Bucks each, and both give you the ability to plant these flowers for two weeks. Both of these crops come with their own set of exclusive crafting recipes, and they can be grown and sold as normal crops. Here's the complete breakdown:


  • Harvest Time: 4 hours
  • Can be sold for: 77 coins each
  • Can be turned into: 7 Animal Feed
  • XP Gained: 4

This Honeysuckle can be used in three recipes as well: Honeysuckle Ice Cream, Honeysuckle Wreath, and Honeysuckle Oil.

FarmVille 2 Crop Packets


The Hibiscus can be used in three new recipes: Hibiscus Oil, Hibiscus Scones, and Hibiscus Lemonade

  • Harvest Time: 2 hours
  • Can be sold for: 75 coins each
  • Can be turned into: 7 Animal Feed
  • XP Gained: 4

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