FarmVille 2 Tips: Happy Halloween Items

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Celebrate Halloween with new limited edition items! Check below for details on the latest release and be sure to share what your favorite new addition is by commenting below this post!

FarmVille 2 Happy Halloween Items

New Limited Edition Items:

    Treasure Chest – 22,000 Coins
    Batty Lamp Post – 4 Farm Bucks
    Skeletons Dining Lawn Decoration – 16 Farm Bucks
    Dining Table – 10 Farm Bucks
    Pumpkin Buoy – 375 Coins
    Ghost Buoy – 375 Coins
    Ghoul Buoy  – 375 Coins
    Skeleton Crew – 16 Farm Bucks
    Memorial Stone – 2 Farm Bucks (reissue!)
    Fresh Plot Marker – 250 Coins (reissue!)
    GardenGoyle – 2,500 Coins (reissue!)
    Witch Legs – 4 Farm Bucks (reissue!)
    Bella Donna Effigy – 15 Farm Bucks (reissue!)
    Count Scrapula – 15 Farm Bucks (reissue!)

New Limited Edition Trees (Level 7):

    Ambrosia Pomegranate Tree – 12 Farm Bucks, used in Recipes
    Black Beauty Elderberry Tree – 12 Farm Bucks, used in Recipes
    Purple Mangosteen Tree – 12 Farm Bucks, used in Recipes

New Limited Edition Animals (Level 6):

    Black Simmental Cow – (Baby 30) 43 Farm Bucks 
    Partridge Cochin Chicken – (Baby 18) 35 Farm Bucks
    LaMancha Goat – (Baby 29) 46 Farm Bucks (reissue!)
    Jacob Sheep – (Baby 31) 44 Farm Bucks (reissue!)

New Limited Edition Crop (Level 7):

     Black Crowberry – 42 Coins, matures in 12 hours, used in Recipes

Crafting Kitchen Recipes (Level 7):

    Crowberry Gelatin – Black Crowberry + Lemon Water, sells for 2,510 Coins
    Elderberry Vampire Yogurt – Black Beauty Elderberry + Yogurt, sells for 3,540 Coins
    Hot Spider Cider – Ambrosia Pomegranate + Apple, sells for 3,270 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes (Level 7):

    Witch Hat Soap – Purple Mangosteen + Lye, sells for 3,630 Coins
    Elderberry Centerpiece – Black Beauty Elderberry + Wool Thread, sells for 3,520 Coins
    Black Crowberry Candle – Black Crowberry + Glass, sells for 3,090 Coins

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