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The leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting cooler, which means Fall is finally here! Celebrate this wonderful time of the year with the new Limited Edition Pumpkin Paradise items. Check out the details of the latest release below and be sure to let us know what your favorite addition is!


New Limited Edition Decorations (Level 3):

    Giant Pumpkin – 22,000 Coins
    Pumpkin Head Scarecrow – 15 Farm Bucks
    Pumpkin Wagon – 10 Farm Bucks
    Pumpkin Fence – 3 Farm Bucks
    Pumpkin Patch Sign – 13 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Trees (Level 7):

    Sourwood Tree – 12 Farm Bucks, used in Recipes
    Tea Crabapple Tree – 12 Farm Bucks, used in Recipes
    Sweet Pumpkin Persimmon Tree – 12 Farm Bucks, used in Recipes

New Limited Edition Animals (Level 6):

    Black Forest Horse – (Baby 30) 43 Farm Bucks
    Cinnamon Rabbit – (Baby 17) 34 Farm Bucks
    Red Angora Goat – (Baby 21) 38 Farm Bucks
    Red Transylvanian Naked Neck Chicken – (Baby 18) 35 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crop (Level 7):

     Spooktacular Pumpkin – 44 Coins, matures in 12 hours, used in Recipes

Crafting Kitchen Recipes (Level 7):

    Sourwood Honey – Sourwood Nectar + Honey, sells for 3,410 Coins
    Tea Crabapple Red Tea – Tea Crabapple + Sugar, sells for 3,120 Coins
    Sweet Pumpkin Persimmon Soup – Sweet Pumpkin Persimmon + Milk, sells for 3,500 Coins
    Spooktacular Pumpkin Cake – Spooktacular Pumpkin + Batter, sells for 2,680 Coins
    Spooktacular Pumpkin Mousse – Spooktacular Pumpkin + Milk, sells for 2,500 Coins
    Spooktacular Pumpkin Ice Cream – Spooktacular Pumpkin + Ice Cream, sells for 3,240 Coins

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