FarmVille 2 Tips: Wildflower Power Items

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New "Wildflower Power" limited edition items are available in the General Store! Check out the details below.


New Limited Edition Decorations (Unlocks – Level 3):

    Sunflower Garden Fence - 4 Farm Bucks
    Lantern Planter – 10 Farm Bucks
    Lovely Wildflower Bouquet  - 2 Farm Bucks
    Sunshine Wildflower Bouquet – 2 Farm Bucks
    Whimsical Wildflower Bouquet – 2 Farm Bucks
    Garden Pinwheel – 12500 coin
    Wash Bin Planter – 12 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Trees (Unlocks – Level 7):

    Pink Dawn Viburnum Tree – 12 Farm Bucks; 21 Farm Bucks Heirloom
    Sanguinello Blood Orange Tree – 13 Farm Bucks; 22 Farm Bucks Heirloom
    Sunburst Witch Hazel Tree – 12 Farm Bucks; 21 Farm Bucks Heirloom

New Limited Edition Animals (Unlocks – Level 6):

    Brown Painted Mustang Horse – 30 Farm Bucks; Adult 43 Farm Bucks
    Brown Shorthair Goat – 21 Farm Bucks; Adult 38 Farm Bucks
    Buckeye Chicken – 19 Farm Bucks; Adult 36 Farm Bucks
    Wheaten Lynx Rabbit – 19 Farm Bucks; Adult 35 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crop:

    Pink Perfection Camellia – 48 coin
    [Reissue] Crimean Iris – 30 coin
    [Reissue] Red Tulip – 40 Coin

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