FarmVille Guide: Preparing for the FarmVille English Countryside

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Although there is not a confirmed date of when FarmVille will launch the English Countryside, we know that it’s getting closer. In the meantime, as we learn more scattered tidbits from teasers released by Zynga or exclusive information released to approved fan sites, there are a few things we can do to prepare for life in the English Countryside besides anxiously wait!

Preparing for the FarmVille English Countryside

1.Stockpile Special Delivery Boxes

Special Delivery Boxes are just that, special! These boxes are packed with everything that we need including building materials and other useful items that we can use to jumpstart our new farms. Saving around 100 Special Delivery Boxes is a good number to get you started. Remember, that you will need to save unopened Special Delivery Boxes in your FarmVille Giftbox. Only items stored in your Gift Box are accessible in the English Countryside.

FarmVille Special Delivery Box

2.Construction Materials for Repairing Farm Buildings

Your English Countryside farm will have buildings that first need to be repaired before they can be used. Building materials such as bricks, nails, board and even vehicle parts for your broken Combine will be useful. Note, all of these items can be found in Special Delivery Boxes.

FarmVille Brick FarmVille Wooden BoardFarmVille Nail

3.Baby Bottles for your Baby Lambs

Sheep Breeding is an exciting feature that is unique to the English Countryside. When breeding a sheep you have a chance to produce a unique lamb. If you would like your Lamb to grow up into an adult Sheep then you will need to feed it Baby Bottles. Baby Bottles can be found on the FarmVille Free Gifting Page along and are also in Special Delivery Boxes.

FarmVille Baby Bottle

4.Water for New Trees

Water, water, water! It seems like Arborist enthusiasts are always in need of water and the same is true for the English Countryside. There will be new exclusive trees in the English Countryside, so water will come in handy. Water is sendable via the FarmVille Gifting Page but it is also in Special Delivery Boxes.

FarmVille Watering Can

5.Shovels for Storage Cellar

Your current storage on your original FarmVille Farm will not be accessible or useable in the English Countryside. That means if you want to expand storage on your English farm, you will need to build it. Storage Cellars require Shovels to build. Shovels are giftable and may also be found in Special Delivery Boxes.

FarmVille Shovels



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