Fashion Designer Guide: Designing Outfits

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Fashion Designer

This section will walk you through designing your first outfit, step by step.

First, click on either the project folder, a client who is standing in the room or the dress form to select a project.

If you clicked a client you will immediately be taken to their project requirements.

Fashion Designer

If you clicked on the project folder or the dress form you will be given a list of available projects.

Fashion Designer

Click on the project you would like to complete to bring up the detail page.

Fashion Designer

If you do not have all the requirements for the project, you will be given the chance to purchase the remaining requirements.

Once you have met all the requirements, depending on how many designs you've created, you will be given the chance to save your oldest creation. Only your last 20 designs are saved (more on that later) and you can only save two in your portfolio. If you wish to save your design you will need to purchase additional space using Facebook credits.

Fashion Designer

Now that you've met all the requirements and made room in your portfolio for a new design you will be taken to your kits. Here you can select the style of dress you wish to create. Make sure that the options in the kit will meet the requirements you client has given you.

Once you've selected your design you will be taken to the design screen. You will be shown the requirements for the gown once more and then it's time to get to work.


Select the top and bottom style of the gown. Make sure that they meet the requirements laid out by your client. Some of them have specific length and sleeve requirements.

Next, select the colors for the different sections of the gown.

Once your gown is the color you want, it's time to move on to adding details. Your client likely has some requirements on the details used, but as long as you meet them you can add any other details you'd like.

You can resize and rotate detail items by either clicking on them or selecting them in the sidebar on the right hand side. To resize, click on any corner and drag it. To rotate, click on the pink dot and spin the item around. Click on the detail itself allows you to move it around.

Any part of the detail element that goes off the gown will vanish after it's placed.

You can layer details to create different looks and patterns.

There is a limit to the number of details you can place on a gown. To see how much room you have left look at the detail limit bar at the bottom of the sidebar on the right side.

Fashion Designer

There are several tools that are available in the left hand toolbar. They are as follows (top to bottom):

  • Clone tool: This allows you to make an exact copy of the detail you just placed. This is helpful when you want everything the same color and/or size.
  • Flip vertically: Flips a detail element vertically.
  • Flip horizontally: Flips a detail element horizontally.
  • Delete: Removes the selected detail from the gown.
  • Zoom in: Zooms in on the dress.
  • Zoom out: Zoom out from the dress.
  • Once you've placed your detail and sized it, you will want to choose the color(s) for it. Make sure to check if there is a required color palette for the project.

Fashion Designer

If you find yourself struggling for ideas, you can click the inspiration button and see several dresses that others completed for the project.

Fashion Designer

Once you are happy with your design you can click on the submit button. This will take you to a preview of your design. You can select the pose you'd like for the model.

Click submit, and if you've met all the requirements you will be told your design is fabulous. If you missed any of the requirements, the client will tell you what's missing and you will be given the opportunity to go back and edit your design.

Once your design is accepted, you will be taken back to your studio and you will need to wait while the outfit is completed. This can take anywhere from five minutes to as long as 48 hours.

If the time to complete an outfit is less than five minutes, you can speed up the process for free by clicking on the dress form. If the time is longer than five minutes, you can still speed up the process but you will need to use Facebook credits to do so.

Once your design is complete, click on it to deliver it to the client. You will receive your payment, experience and design cred.

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