FrontierVille Guide: Everything You Need to Know in 'PlayTime'

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Yet another Timed Mission will soon arrive promptly (we hope) in FrontierVille. Titled "PlayTime," this Goal requires quite a lot of begging. And, again, it should be here for a long while. Though, you'll only have two days to complete it once accepted, which makes for an intense challenge.

FrontierVille Guide: Everything You Need to Know in 'PlayTime'

By Joe Osborne in


Here's what you need to do:

  • Have 20 Planks
  • Get 10 Bags of Playground Sand
  • Get 10 Scrap Metal Pieces

While that sounds easy enough, it's a challenge to complete in 48 hours--especially when more than half of it relies on the attentiveness of your friends. Both the Playground Sand and Scrap Metal Pieces are gifts from friends like in other Goals. However, you should be rewarded one for gifting to friends via their News Feeds, which could help compensate for the lack of friends that even notice the News Feed.

Completing this mission within the time limit will reward you with one Dinner, 500 XP and Monkey Bars. Those should come in handy for the six kids you should have by now. Oh, the things we do for them in Facebook games.



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