FrontierVille: Start Your Life in The Wild West

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FrontierVille is a Facebook game developed by Zynga that gives players a chance to build their own virtual town in the wild west by taming the wilderness and start their own virtual family. Chop down trees, tend to crops, build a cabin, prepare for marriage, and defend your land from groundhogs and snakes are just some things you need to do.

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  • Frontierville is a a Social game which is heavily dependent on your having Neighbors to interact with. You will need Neighbors to visit daily to earn money, and to have them send you items to complete projects.
  • You will start out in the Frontier with a few plots of farming land, trees, tall grass and animals that need to be fed.
  • Working on the Frontier will earn you coins, resources or XP. (Experience Points.)
  • As you reinvest funds you earn working on the Frontier you will build cabins, General stores and all kinds of businesses that will make a profit.

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  • As you work you will also find items that belong in collections. Completing these collections is a big part of the game and will win you huge awards and profits. You will have to have your Neighbors gift you some of the items to complete collections. Some collections are easy and some are very difficult.
  • As you complete the Family Collections in the game your character will get married and have a family! You will be able to access a family photo album to see your online frontier family.

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