FarmVille 2 - My Family Farm: Tip #2 (Family Jobs Pt. 2)

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The FarmVille 2 team wants you to be prepared for the release of My Family Farm! We discussed Family Jobs in our previous Tips post and now we're going to explore those a little more.


We will be sharing tips like these in the weeks leading up the release of My Family Farm on 7/3.

Family Jobs Part 2:

Last time we talked about how your sweetheart could learn to do jobs around the farm, like Crop Care, but this time we wanted to tell you a little bit about why these jobs are so great, and give you a sneak peak at what a couple of them do.

The Crop Care Family Job works a lot like what you get from Farm Hands in that you can have your sweetheart Water, Fertilize, Speed Grow, or Harvest any crops on the farm, and they won't use any of your Water, Fertilizer or Speed Grow to help you. But the big difference is that Crop Care gives you a whole lot more help than a Farm Hand, making them really great partners on your farm!

"The first farming job your sweetheart can learn is Crop Care."


Tip #2

You can help them learn other farming jobs that go way beyond what Farmhands can do, like Tree Care, where your sweetheart can water, fertilize or speed grow trees, and Baby Animal Care where they'll be able to give Milk Bottles to raise up baby animals on your farm!

Finally there are three new farming job areas on your farm, like the Cave, where you can explore to find new rare resources to craft extremely valuable items to sell at your Market Stall or through the Big Harvest Order Board.



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