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Game of Thrones Ascent is the social adaption of the TV series by the same name and is being developed by the company Disruptor beam. The game is currently in the Open Beta phase, meaning anyone, especially fans of the hit TV show of the same name, can join in the fantasy world, as long as you have a Facebook account.

In Game of Thrones Ascent, players are able to create their own custom character either male or female and have them thrust into the fantasy world. The actual creation process allows you to pick the portrait which will represent your character, spanning enough selections to sate most players’ appetite for diversity.

Game of Thrones Ascent

The gameplay of the game is a very unique experience, as it is a heavily text based game, which are becoming less and less common. In it players start as a noble who swears fealty to one of the iconic houses from the series, you’re then tasked with building up your holdings and through choices you make in your quests, determine how the kingdom is run.   A lot of the base options follow similar to a lot of browser strategy games, by having you “build up” different buildings in order to construct resources and make other useful items.

Game of Thrones Ascent

Most of Game of Thrones Ascent is run through quests, which usually break down into dialogue and most of the time, sending out a Sworn-sword, which you can hire several and “train” them up to perform better at certain tasks.  Sworn-swords are like hired mercenaries, or Heroes, which you see in a lot of strategy browser games which are hired through taverns and come in various rarities and stats. The dialogue portions of the game help you see where you fall on a three-axis alignment system which allows you to good anything from New Ways or Old Ways to Truthful or Cunning. The branching reactions expand on the story and allow you a truly arced experience which will continue on regardless of the choices you make.

Game of Thrones Ascent

Menus in the game are one of its major downfalls. Navigating through them is a bit tedious, especially when you’re trying to do a small task like collecting taxes. Because when you try to do that, you need to navigate through a mini maze of options in order to get it or any other option. It is odd to say that it has too many options, but with a different interface they could have done more with less and still been able to keep as many options as they want, but spanned in a more navigation-friendly environment.

Game of Thrones Ascent

Since Game of Thrones Ascent is based off of the Game of Thrones series, it is not really meant for those who are not a fan (obviously). It is nice for the change of pace of basic mediocre games you have seen on Facebook which use a cookie cutter style of gameplay, and instead take a risk to make it a bit more unique and getting fans more willing to play and try it out. The only bad thing is, is that while the game may be appealing to fans, the gameplay itself is limiting to an even narrower group of gamers.

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