Gardens of Time Application Troubleshooting Guide

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Please be aware that there are sometimes momentary maintenance periods in which you may not be able to access the app for up to a few hours.This guide is for when you are having systematic and constant problems accessing the application.

If you for some reason you cannot load the app, please take the following steps to resolve the issue. Instructions and links can be found below.

  1. Clear your browser cache/temporary internet files before trying to log in again. Most web browsers store temporary copies of game files on your computer. Sometimes these files need to be manually deleted in order for the game to function properly. Clearing the cache/temporary internet files frequently solves many loading problems with the game. Below are a number of guides for the most common web browsers.

    Select Your Browser
  2. Update Flash and Java to the latest version. Download and install the latest version of both programs. Flash and Java are important to the core functionality of many websites and games. Keeping them up to date is very important for the best gaming experience.

    Click HERE to check Flash.
    Click HERE to check Java.

  3. Make sure your Firewall is not blocking connectivity. Each copy of Windows XP and Vista come with a built in software firewall. Sometimes these firewalls can interfere with the connection to the game. In many cases adding your browser as an exception to the approved programs and services will solve connectivity issues.

    In other cases you may have to reset your software firewall to the factory defaults.

    Also keep in mind that most routers also function as firewalls. If this is the case you may want to even consider disabling your software firewall. Lastly, please check your Antivirus Suite. You may not realize it, but you may also have a firewall installed there, in addition to your Windows Firewall and router. Many people unintentionally double or triple firewall their computers, which can unfortunately result in a loss of connectivity to the game servers.

    Windows XP
    Windows Vista

  4. Make sure your operating system files are up to date.
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Mac OSX

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