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Purchasing and Placing Items to Decorate Your Garden

You can place buildings, decor items, artifacts, and pathways in your garden. Click on the"Build" tab at the bottom left.

Once this opens run your cursor along the tabs to see what categories are opened. If you place just decoration items you will earn a much smaller amount of reputation points but have no wait time to get them.

Gold bar purchases - Purchasing items with gold bars will give you premium goods with the largest number of XP and reputation points available in the game.

Buildings and wonders - These earn you the second highest amounts of reputation points in the game. (See"Wonders" below for more information)

Purchasing artifacts - These are unlocked by searching hidden object scenes and leveling up in the game. Once you complete a scene successfully this artifact will unlock and you can purchase it and place it in your garden for XP and reputation points.

Purchasing buildings - These will earn you large amounts of XP and reputation points. Click on the"Buildings" tab and then run your cursor over any building to see its stats. Cost is located along the bottom and the construction time, XP, and reputation points earned are listed along the top. Once you have made your choice click on"Buy" and you will hear a cash register sound.

Placing items - Next you will have the item stuck to your cursor. Place it anywhere in the green grid where you see green under the item. If you see red there isn’t enough room. Click to lock the item in place.

If your item has a construction time you will see construction begin on that building. Place your cursor over the construction site at any time to see how much time is left until completion.

Wait for construction to complete - Once construction has completed you will see the icon shown in the image above. Click on it and the reputation points will be added to your score. You will not earn these points until you complete the structure construction.

Gardens of Time

Purchasing decor items - There is no construction time for decor items they will place immediately for you and earn instant reputation points.

Redesigning Your Garden

You can move or flip items in another direction or you can sell the items for a reduced rate or store them for future use.

All you need to do is click on the"Build" button and then click on any item you wish to control.

A pull down menu will appear that offers you the options to move, flip, store, or sell for a specific amount. Click on what you want and proceed. You will need to confirm selling the items and you will not earn back what you paid for an item.

Gardens of Time

Storage/inventory- If you have an item in storage you want to retrieve click on the build menu and then on the opened box inventory button to access it.

Gift storage - After you accept any gift in the messages area it will be found in the gift area. Click on the opened box icon to locate gifts you wish to place in your garden.

Expanding Your Garden

Click on"Build" then click on the"Grid Expansion" tab, which is the next to last tab next to gifts.

You will have to have a certain number or silver coins, reputation points, or neighbors in order to purchase expansions. Sometimes it could be a combination of these items that is required.

You can always use gold to bypass the other requirements and expand immediately. There is always an option to purchase with gold bars listed to the right of your available expansion.

The entire garden will increase in size once you purchase an expansion and you can begin to rearrange your garden or add more items right away.

Gardens of Time

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