Gardens of Time Quests Guide

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Completing quests is critical to leveling up, earning money and reputation points, unlocking wonders, and moving through the various chapters of the game.

The quest icons can always be found on the left side of the game screen.

There are usually three icons and each one represents a different category of quests. When you click on the icon you will be shown the current quest for that category and you may see one or more goals to complete before the quest is finished.

Top icon - This lists your goals for hidden object scenes. You may have a goal such as earn two stars in a specific scene. (When you visit the scene menu you will see a "Quest" ribbon on any scene with a current goal attached to it.)

Middle icon - This has to do with goals associated with visiting neighbors.

Bottom icon - This has to do with goals or quests associated with decorating your garden.

As you complete goals (there may be just one or several) a green check mark will appear next to the goal and you will see the words "progress" appear next to the icon that it applies to on the main game screen. The game will also prompt you to read goals if they have changed due to your progress.

Wonder quests - See "Wonders" for more information.

Note - Sometimes there are less than three icons as quests only appear at certain points of the game.

Gardens of Time

Finishing a quest - Once you complete a goal a green check mark will appear next to it within the quest menu. Once you complete the entire quest a reward message will appear showing you what you have earned. You will be given a large bonus that you can share with your neighbors via the live feed if you choose. If not just click on the "X" in the upper right corner.

A new quest usually appears as soon as you complete one.

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